Graffiti Park: From left, Rob Hiemstra, Suzi Stephenson and Kojo Ferguson. *Photo supplied
Graffiti Park: From left, Rob Hiemstra, Suzi Stephenson and Kojo Ferguson. *Photo supplied

WEDNESDAY, APR. 4: From heavy rock to classic rock, R&B to funk and reggae to dancehall the Pickled Onion’s new three-piece band has it covered.

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Graffiti Park is known for its high-energy music spanning the genres. The band has enjoyed more than ten years on the road performing a mix of international gigs and local circuits.

The band is made up of Kojo Ferguson on bass guitar, Suzi Stephenson on percussion and Rob Hiemstra on lead guitar — all three band members swap centre stage for lead vocals.

Co-founder and manager of the band Ferguson said: “We do pretty much
everything under the sun — every genre of music that sits in the popular music category — and we try to do it with authenticity.”

Graffiti Park will cover an eclectic mix of bands including modern hits from the likes of LMFAO, Rihanna and Adele, R&B and funk numbers from Prince, Usher and Drake, classic rock such as Neil Young and The Beatles to heavier bands like Tool and Rage Against the Machine.

Their first Bermuda gig is tomorrow evening from 11pm at Pickled Onion. Ferguson promised a fun evening of live entertainment.

“High energy is exactly our speciality,” he said. “There is always lots of dancing.

“I also DJ so my plan is to do a multi media kind of thing — people will be dancing to the DJ and then will be dancing to the band and not even realise there was a changeover.

“We can accomodate for quieter nights too.”

Ferguson started the band with Stephenson back in 1997 and they have since enjoyed a busy schedule of performances. Much of their time is taken up with playing at weddings, resorts, casinos and private parties both at home and overseas. The band will be playing each week at Pickled Onion initially from Wednesday through Saturday from 11pm for three-hour sets with a view to performing more gigs in the summer.