A report looking into how Bermuda’s current cannabis laws could be reformed was presented to Government today.

In December 2013 National Security Minister, Michael Dunkley, announced that a collaborative group had begun meeting in order to produce a paper on cannabis policy reform.

The Cannabis Reform Collaborative (CRC), led by Stratton Hatfield and Khomeini Taalib-Din, has consulted with the public by conducting town hall style meetings, focus groups and an online survey.

Today they presented their report to Mr Dunkley.

He said: “The level of public participation, particularly in the number of survey responses received, is indicative of the timeliness of the ongoing discussion of the future of cannabis policies in Bermuda.

“Undoubtedly, the public’s interest in local cannabis laws has been heightened by policy shifts in foreign jurisdictions related to cannabis use both medically and recreationally.   

“The paper presented to me today by the CRC will be included in the ongoing policy review by the Ministry of National Security and the Department for National Drug Control.

“It will act as springboard for further public consultation on the issue.”

The report will be shared with the Cabinet and tabled for the information of the House of Assembly when the House resumes on May 9.

Mr Dunkley added: “Cannabis policy in Bermuda is far reaching, affecting our social, health and economic climate and therefore requires a holistic approach to reform. This reform must be done in a measured fashion.

“I would like to thank the members of the CRC for the important work they have carried out.

“The group members all volunteered their expertise and the many hours needed to produce what is sure to be a hefty and comprehensive document.

“I look forward to reading it and using the information and recommendations in the development of a modern cannabis policy for Bermuda.”