MP Craig Cannonier outside of Parliament. *Photo by Gary Foster Skelton
MP Craig Cannonier outside of Parliament. *Photo by Gary Foster Skelton

Former Premier Craig Cannonier is still living in the official Premier’s residence — more than 50 days after he resigned as the country’s leader.

Mr Cannonier has been allowed to stay on at Clifton as a ‘gesture of respectful courtesy to an outgoing Premier’, a Government spokesperson told the Sun.

Mr Cannonier moved into Clifton shortly after he was elected as Premier in December 2012.

But he resigned on May 19 in the wake of controversy over his dealings with US businessman Nathan Landow and a $300,000 pre-election donation from Mr Landow and his associates.

Mr Cannonier, who is still a sitting OBA MP, has always maintained he did nothing illegal.

A statement from an OBA spokesman in December 2012 confirmed Mr Cannonier would be moving into Clifton.

A statement added: “The reason for the move is proximity to the Cabinet Office.

“With his home in St George’s and the immense job facing the new Government, taking up to an hour a day driving to and from his St George’s home to the office is not the best use of the Premier’s time.”

But yesterday a Government spokesperson confirmed Mr Cannonier was still living in the property 58 days after he stepped down.

The spokesperson told the Bermuda Sun: “The Cabinet Office can confirm that former Premier Craig Cannonier, JP, MP, is residing at Clifton.

“The gesture is a respectful courtesy to an outgoing Premier.”

Further questions over how long the arrangement would continue did not receive a response.

The Clifton property on Middle Road in Devonshire has not always been used by Bermuda’s Premiers.


Traditionally, it was used to house the island’s chief justices, but it fell into a state of disrepair.

In 2006 it underwent a $1.5 million renovation project.

Government justified the cost by saying it would become the official residence of all future Premiers.

The house, which is more than 200 years old, has a living room, dining room, kitchen, several bedrooms and an office. The grounds also include a two-bedroom guesthouse.