Speaking out today on the subject of a National referendum on Gaming Bermuda Chamber of Commerce President Ronnie Viera noted; “The Chamber has been on record for some time as supporting some form of gaming in Bermuda and our position has not changed, although we all admit the devil is in the detail. I am not sure anyone knows exactly what it should look like and there are more questions right now than there are answers.”

The uncertainty around what Gaming would look like in Bermuda and how the question, or questions may be phrased are two of the main reasons the Chamber's Executive is not in favour of a referendum on the subject. 

Mr. Viera noting; “The way questions are worded in a referendum is critical and can often predetermine the outcome.  The Chamber is also concerned about how Government plans on educating the general public in advance of a referendum so that we can all make an informed decision. In the opinion of the Chamber, cost is another very important reason to forgo a referendum, as a considerable sum would have to be spent on a campaign to provide information to the public and prepare for a referendum. Additionally, more valuable time and resources would have to be deployed to run the actual election, disrupting commerce island-wide. It will not be an inexpensive process and we contend that the money can be much better spent, or saved.”

In closing Mr. Viera acknowledged that it is generally agreed that gaming is not the panacea or the silver bullet for Bermuda, but if it is one more amenity that may attract would-be investors or potential new visitors. We need to simply need to stop talking about it and get on with it.