Comedian Gina Love will be performing at the Celebrate The Night fundraiser for the Family Centre on March 1. *Photo supplied
Comedian Gina Love will be performing at the Celebrate The Night fundraiser for the Family Centre on March 1. *Photo supplied

Funny stories about everyday life will inspire the material for stand-up comedian Gina ‘Love’ Davis on March 1 for the Family Centre’s Fundraising event Celebrating the Night. 

And if you live in Bermuda, you will get the humour, she promises.

‘Gina Love’ as she known on stage, will join a host of entertainers for the annual event taking place at Fourways Inn in Paget from 7pm to 11pm. 

This fundraiser is a ‘mingling style affair’ and brings the best of Bermuda’s entertainers together for one night. 

Guest can expect to sing along with Randy Lambert and Gavin Smith in the Peg Leg Lounge, laugh with Gina Love and Toby Butterfield of Improv Bermuda in the comedy corner, and experience the dancing styles by United Dance Productions.

Money raised will help to fund Family Centre’s broad range of services is preventing children and families from falling into despair.

We spoke to Gina Love about her upcoming performance.

What have you been working on the last few months — where have you performed lately? 

For the last two years, I have performed at Grotto Bay with Bootsie on Sunday nights. 

I was asked to open for Bootsie one night when he was hired by a bank department for one of their parties and I have worked benefit shows.

How would you describe your humour? 

I tell stories. Mostly they are things that I see around me, incidents that happen to me or something funny that happens to someone else. I find a way to make it personal, so it appears that it happens to me. I do not do one liner jokes, nor do I read books to get jokes.

What sort of jokes can we expect from you on March 1? 

I am presently working on new material. When you work in Bermuda, the comedy audience tends to be the same people, so to keep them interested, you must change what you do. So everything will be new. If you live in Bermuda, you should be able to relate to the jokes.

Tell us a joke we might expect to hear on the night.

 Every one asks me to tell them jokes, when they hear I am a comedian. I tell them, I tell jokes for money, so if anyone wants to hear a routine, they must “pink” up.

What have been the highlights of your career in comedy? 

The biggest event, would have to be the time I was one of the local comedians opening for Mike Epps. Huge crowd. 

The most fun I ever had was when I held my own show, The Gina Love Show, last year May. 

It was a comedy plus show — it represented every aspect of who I was I had a band, The Gina Love Band, Improv and skits — all which featured me. 

I have opened at several comedy shows when foreign comics come in, and I can honestly say, I do not remember them all. 

The most fun, was the night I performed for Bermuda’s Big and Beautiful competition, I had so much material that I was not sure what to use, and when I got there, I threw everything out, and created something on the spot, just for the night, because of the purpose of the show. 

I went up cold that night, not knowing exactly what I was going to say, but it was one of my best routines. My greatest learning opportunity has been working with Bootsie on Sunday nights, there are things I learn just by watching him that have made me a better comedian. 

Celebrate the Night takes place at Fourways Inn, Paget on March 1 from 7pm to 11pm. Tickets are $55 in advance and $65 at the door and can be purchased at Family Centre, La Trattoria, Fourways Inn or CableVision in the Washington Mall.