TUESDAY, MAY 22: A.S. Cooper and Sons have made an agreement with Brooks Brothers, the oldest men’s clothier in the U.S., to sell the Brooks Brothers product line exclusively in Bermuda.  Cooper’s is one of a handful of carefully chosen retailers in North America to become a wholesale customer of the Madison Avenue, N.Y. based company. Established in 1818, Brooks Brothers has been the clothier of choice to a multitude of presidents and celebrities and owns and operates over 300 stores around the world.

Product including non-iron dress shirts, chino trousers, blazers and neckwear were put out on the shelves at A.S. Cooper Man at the end of last week to an eager audience who found out about the arrival through word of mouth and social media.

A.S. Cooper Managing Director, Somers Cooper said, “We are excited to be able to offer such an iconic and high quality brand to our local customers at U.S. prices. We will start out slow offering the basics, anchored by their famous non-iron dress shirt, and then begin to layer in some fashion pieces when they become available to us. We see this becoming one of our top men’s brands in the next 12 months.”

A.S. Cooper’s also announced the re-introduction of the Tommy Bahama brand, available locally at U.S. prices along with a selection of high quality dress shirts from Forsythe of Canada.

Mr. Cooper added, “the three new brands will solidify our position as Bermuda’s top men’s retailer and we believe that the resulting sales will be a much needed boost in these tough economic times.”