Man with a plan: Henry Hayward *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Man with a plan: Henry Hayward *Photo by Kageaki Smith

FRIDAY, DEC. 14: The OBA would consider the idea of building a cruise terminal off the North Shore of St George’s to help revitalize the town.

Shawn Crockwell, Shadow Minister for Tourism, described the project that has been championed by former St George’s Mayor, Henry Hayward, as “intriguing”.

And he said the party would “spend time looking into its feasibility in greater detail”, if the OBA was elected on December 17. He told the Bermuda Sun: “Mr Henry Hayward of the Meyer Group has spent his life in the shipping business. His suggestion for a solution is intriguing.

“He agrees with us that smaller cruise ships are not a long-term solution to the cruise ship problem in St George’s. And he feels that dredging Town Cut is not the answer, either.

“Build a pier at Murray’s Anchorage, he suggests. It would cost $30 or $35 million, somewhat more than dredging, but it would accept cruise ships of any size.

“The walk from the ship into the old town would be shorter than the walk from Tobacco Bay into town.

“We are interested in that suggestion.  It is a simple and straightforward answer to a complicated problem.

“An OBA government will spend some time looking into its feasibility in greater detail.”

Mr Hayward has consistently advocated the need for a new cruise berth on the north shore of St George’s rather than widening Town Cut.

He previously told the Sun: “By positioning the new berth off the north shore in from Murray’s Anchorage we could accommodate the much larger cruise ships like the Celebrity Eclipse and the Norwegian Epic. That would take the pressure off the transport system in Dockyard and bring new life into St George’s which is desperately needed.”

Mr Crockwell, the OBA candidate for Constituency 31, said the OBA has invested considerable time and energy in researching the smaller ship answer to this problem but said people have to acknowledge “the sun is quickly setting” on small ships’ seven-day cycle to the likes of Bermuda.