Glen Smith. *File photo
Glen Smith. *File photo

FRIDAY, FEB. 3: The Deputy Mayor of Hamilton has resigned to make way for his political career.

Alderman Glen Smith handed in his resignation yesterday as he has been selected as a candidate for the One Bermuda Alliance.

Mayor Charles Gosling said: “ Glen shares the view of the entire council that municipal politics must remain apolitical.

“To ensure the City of Hamilton is seen in this light, individually, we may support a particular party but none of us will publically campaign on the behalf of, or run for, that party; a practice we would like to continue.

“Which is why, prior to any official announcement, Glen has taken this particular stance.”

“Glen, during his time on the Council, has been one of the leaders in our move towards open government, the accountability of Members, standards of service and dealing with the important issues within his area of responsibility as the Chairman of the Infrastructure Committee, which comprised the previous Docks, Streets and Sanitation Committees.

Mr Gosling continued: “He has raised awareness of the increased vagrancy in Hamilton, worked hard to bring together government departments and helping agencies to address this national issue. We will continue this work.

“On behalf of the Council, I wish Glen Smith continued success. His guidance, energy and focus will be missed.

Mr Gosling said Councillor Marshall Minors has agreed to take on the Chairmanship of the Infrastructure Committee for the remaining three months of the term.

Chief Operating Officer and Secretary to the City of Hamilton, Edward Benevides said: “In accordance with the law, the Parliamentary Registrar has been formally informed about Glen Smith’s resignation.

“We are obligated by the new changes to the Municipalities’ Act to fill this vacant position within a two-month period, regardless of when the next election will be held.

“The City of Hamilton, working with the Parliamentary Registrar, will be making further announcements in due course.”