Reporter Mikaela Ian Pearman is put through her paces by national coach David Moore. *Photo by Kageaki Smith
Reporter Mikaela Ian Pearman is put through her paces by national coach David Moore. *Photo by Kageaki Smith

Don’t laugh, it’s true. Apparently, I’m a good batsman.

Okay, here’s some context. I was asked to play in the Hiscox Celebrity 11-and-under Cricket Festival next Saturday, June 8.

The event features local celebrities playing against the 11-and-under team to raise money for the Bermuda Cricket Board National Academy. Of course I said ‘yes’, even though I’m not sure I qualify as a celebrity.

But I digress. After I decided it would be a great idea to play, I immediately realised I haven’t played cricket in years, since I was about 10-years-old. We’re talking 17 years ago.

I figured a training session would be necessary, even though we will be playing against kids.

The most embarrassing thing for me would be getting a duck. I don’t care about getting out on a catch, hitting the wicket or getting and LBW. But a duck, no ma’am, not me.

When Fiona Holmes, of the BCB, suggested I, in my guise as a reporter with the Bermuda Sun, train with the National Academy players and national coach David Moore, I jumped at the opportunity.

On Saturday morning, I dragged myself out of bed and headed up to the Berkeley nets at 10am to have a go. Yes, this was the morning after the holiday.

When I arrived, I met Fiona, David, women’s coach Lorenzo Tucker and under-16 girls’ coach Rachel Smith.

Selange Gitschner, Nick Thuell and Justin Keith were also there from Hiscox.

David got me started with bowling. I was surprised at how complex bowling can be, but yet how simple it actually is.

Rachel showed me a rocking back-and-forth stance followed by a windmill to bowl the ball.

It was a bit weird for me but I got it down. That is until she told me to run up, then bowl. That’s when the problems started. I couldn’t remember what foot to run off of and when to bowl the ball. I felt really awkward and my shoulder was killing me. However, after some practise, I got the basic moves down — but I do need practice.

Batting on the other hand was a blast. It seems I’m a natural. Once I had the stance sorted, I was good. Of course, there were a few balls that I missed, but I think with practice, I could be pretty good.

Coach Moore and Tucker seemed to think so as well.

I felt like batting was almost like a stress relief. It was therapeutic for me to whack balls around with power and authority.

Overall, I’m super excited to be playing cricket next weekend. I have watched since I was a child and enjoy the game. But playing and watching are two different things.

Wish me luck!

Watch reporter Mikaela Ian Pearman and fellow players take to the field on Saturday, June 8, at the National Sports Centre.