Shifting priorities: Is Facebook time supplanting family time? *Overseas iStock photo
Shifting priorities: Is Facebook time supplanting family time? *Overseas iStock photo

WEDNESDAY, SEP. 26: Seems we are in a recession after all; political slogans are now hand-me-downs.

Change. Hmm... a word we hear frequently nowadays.

Do we need change? Let’s take a look and see.

As humans we are quick to blame others for whatever challenges we encounter. But we are hesitant to take personal responsibility for our own actions.

We are equally hesitant to take a U-turn when needed. So change we must.

“We are addicted to foreign oil” declared George Bush.

In Bermuda, we are addicted to International Business.

Over the last 30 years we have shifted an entire economy and mindset to create the Wall Street of the mid-Atlantic.

Hamilton’s skyline now resembles Lower Manhattan. Everyone clamors for the latest SUV or LV.

Landlords have become xenophobic against Bermudians. And tourism has taken second place.

In the wake of it all, we have sacrificed people for profits. Change we must.

With the advent of BB/iPhone and Facebook we are now more connected with people around the globe.Yet we are now more disconnected with persons around our kitchen table.

Chiropractors stand to make millions with the number of bent necks and carpal tunnel victims who overuse their phones and tablets and keyboards.

We have tuned into Facebook yet tuned out of our families. Change we must.

There was a time that we stood together as communities, making joint decisions and helping each other to build homes and families. Now we pay contractors to overcharge us, and call the police to tell “those boys down the road” to be quiet.

We used to be able to walk out the road and get a “lift” within five minutes .Now our “neighbours” pass us by in the rain and generously “toot” their horns at us. Change we must.

Kaleidoscope of cultures

In the last 10 years we have witnessed the size, demographics and diversity of Bermuda’s populace grow. We are now blessed to have a kaleidoscope of cultures within our 21 square miles.

Yet some of us choose to huddle in our social and cultural enclaves and say “those people are taking over our island”. Why are we not taking the time to engage with them and learn about their countries and cultures? I am a proud Bermudian who has no tolerance for xenophobia. Change we must.

In my next column I will further discuss this chap ‘Mr Change’ and his more mature brother ‘Mr Evolve’. Thanks for lending me your eyes.

Christopher Famous is a graduate of The Berkeley Institute and Bermuda College. He is a self-described “blue collar worker, keen social observer and proud PLP supporter”. E-mail him: