Statement by David Dodwell, Chairman of the Board, Bermuda Tourism Authority

“On January 13, 2014, the BTA entered into an agreement with Cosmic LTD to provide a casino gaming education program in concert with the Ministry of Transport and Tourism.  The scope of the agreement was for a limited time of six weeks and entailed the following objectives:

- Provide facts to Bermudians concerning the economic impact of casino gaming

- Allow Bermudians to have a voice in how casino gaming should be structured

- Make the public aware of the benefits of casino gaming   

The tactics used by Cosmic included:  gathering and distilling extensive research on the subject, developing a PowerPoint presentation and other collateral materials, helping conduct town hall meetings, outreaching to social service providers, conducting news events, and executing on social media and public relations efforts.  All of these tactics were in support of better educating Bermudians concerning the future of gaming on the island.

The cost for these services as quoted by Cosmic was for $80,000.  These expenses had been previously budgeted and approved by the management committee overseeing the transition between the former Bermuda Department of Tourism and the new BTA.  The BTA was not offically in existence at the time of the contract execution and BTA management staff was not involved in hiring Cosmic. 

It should be further noted that Derrick Green was never awarded any contract by the BTA and that Mr. Green was not, and is not, a consultant to the BTA.  Mr. Green was employed by Cosmic and BTA had no role in his employment agreement with Cosmic.”