Drugs worth more than $14.5 million were seized last year, new police figures revealed today.

The figures included around 235kg of cannabis, 10.5kg of cocaine, 8.8kg of heroin and 3.7kg of crack cocaine.

Most seizures were on the streets of Bermuda, with nearly 380 offences recorded.

There were 148 seizures at ports of entry – including sea ports and the airport.

There was a total of four seizures overseas of drugs en route for the island.

A report on the latest police statistics said: “The Bermuda Police Service continues to work with its partners both locally and overseas to disrupt the trafficking of controlled drugs.

“These partners include HM Customs, US Customs and the US Drug Enforcement Administration.”

But the report added: “Despite these partnerships, controlled drugs are still entering Bermuda which is evidenced in the number of street level seizures.”

The statistics showed, however, that drug enforcement activity dropped by more than 35 per cent in 2012 compared to the previous year – a total of 320 offences.

There were 580 offences recorded in 2012 compared to 900 in 2011.

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