Kites flew high at Horseshoe Bay Beach this afternoon at the annual kite fest. 

Live music, fishcake and kite competitions summed up the activities for the day. 

The Chewstick Foundation held the event from 10am onwards. 

Organiser Gavin Smith said earlier today: “It’s going great. Last night, we got really worried due to the weather report. 

“The weather’s been cooperating. There’s been a few showers here and there.

“We’re pleased that we have been able to do it and the turnout.”

Mr Smith said there would be performances for the rest of the afternoon and a fishcake competition with Dale Butler as a judge. 

As far as the kites go, Mr Smith said: “We had a ten foot kite that came in. We will have the results later. 

“There will also be wacky races including the three-legged race.”

Speaking on the turnout, Mr Smith said: “I think it’s definitely less than last year but it's been a great turnout. 

“I am looking forward to future events.”

Mr Smith thanked the Minister of Culture. 

Locals and expats could be seen flying kites, walking around and relaxing on the beach. 

Dale Butler wore a chef’s hat and jacket as he prepared to judge the fishcake contest. 

“I think the event is great. I am very pleased that the original decision not to have it was changed. 

“There’s been culture and tradition that’s been established here. 

“There are so many tourists here. 

“I commend Chewstick on what they are trying to do.”

Mr Butler said he hopes the event will become a signature Bermuda event. 

As far as fishcakes go, Mr Butler said he had made and sold 8,000 fishcakes over the past two weeks. 

James Butterfield made a ten-foot kite with a black and red design. 

“It took a week to make the kite. I worked on it everyday, not all day, maybe six hours.”

Asked how much the materials cost, Mr Butterfield said around $150. 

“I’m very pleased. I love the result.

“I think it did very good with the kite this year.”