Still life: A painting by Sonia Von Walter. *Photo supplied
Still life: A painting by Sonia Von Walter. *Photo supplied

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 15: Former Masterworks Artist in Residence Sonia Von Walter is to host an exhibition featuring her painted postcards.

The exhibition is part of the Dockyard Arts Centre Winter Members’ Show. It opens this Sunday from 3:30pm to 6pm and runs until March 23.

The small works include scene of Bermuda’s leisure activities such as sailing and swimming.

Von Walter is a full time artist and co-owner of a gallery/art boutique in Victoria, BC, Canada.

Sonia shared the details of her show with the Bermuda Sun.

What is the theme of the show?

Theme of this show is Postcards from Bermuda — a collection of smallpaintings with Bermudian motives - scenery, sailing, beaches,underwater etc.

What medium are your working in for this show?

Paintings for this show are done in acrylic on canvas and wood panels.

How do you work?

I love to paint and create things with my hands. I have been working in different, not always ideal, conditions, so often it is a spur of the moment.

What experience do you have?

I studied art in Russian art school and later in Ontario College of Art and Design. I also have Masters Degree in Science.

What has inspired this show?

Inspiration for this show was Bermuda itself

How has your practice changed over time?

I have painted in many styles -figurative,impressionistic,abstract and mixed media. I used to work in very large format, now I work in variety of styles and sizes.

What work do you most enjoying doing?

I just love to create -almost any theme is interesting in itself,but I always come back to gardens,water,music and dance subject matters.

Who are you favourite artists?

Too many artists to mention, Russian Artists, French Impressionists, John Singer Sargent — I  even made a large copy of one of his Venetian paintings.

What have been the highlights of your artistic career?

Being Masterworks’ artist in residence here in Bermuda 10 years agowas very a inspiring and rewarding experience, also art shows in Paris, London and Positano, Italy were important steps in artistic development.

What is your dream project?

Dream project-yet to come -what is it yet I don’t know.

To keep working on my art and to grow as an artist.

Von Walter’s work can be viewed via her website is