An event designed to motivate Bermudians, featuring a former NFL player, will be held in Bermuda this weekend.

Dream Big, featuring Trent Shelton, now a motivational speaker, will happen tomorrow evening at the Fairmont Hamilton from 7pm.

The speakers include Cushi Ming — Creating Your Best You, Gnica Brangman — Limitless Faith, Meloyde Micere Van Putten — Friendship Before Relationship, and Trent Shelton — Dream Big.

Encouraging the public to attend the event, organizer Janson Cross said: “Since starting the Trent Shelton Fan Page, I have seen the tremendous effect that Trent’s message has had on people where people have personally thanked me for sharing Trent’s message because it helped them get through certain situations. 

“In one situation, I have had a Facebook friend ask if I could send one of Trent Shelton’s messages that would be suitable for someone that may be contemplating committing suicide. 

“I sent Trent’s video ‘It’s Not Over Until God Says It’s Over’ and later on my Facebook friend advised that they were able to get that person to a mental hospital.”

He continued: “I have heard Mrs Van Putten speak on the Sherri Simmons talk show and she has so much wisdom to share.

“Gnica Brangman has such an inspiring testimony and I am sure it is one that others will be able to relate to. 

“Everyone’s goal should be ‘Creating Your Best You’ and I know that is something that Cushi Ming is working on daily so to listen to what he has to say will be very inspiring.”

As far as why the event is important, Cross said: “This is going to be an event that can transform people’s lives if they want to make that change.  We are bombarded every day with negative messaging, doubt and the feeling that we have to rely on others to make change. 

“This is an event which will let everyone know that the change we seek is in us.  We have the power to make whatever change is necessary for one’s life. 

“We all have greatness inside of us, we just need to go back to believing in ourselves.  It all starts with mindset and having a positive one and surrounding yourself with people who are like-minded.” 

Tickets are $47.50 and available at Orchid Nail Spa, Kit ‘n’ Caboodle, Pulp & Circumstance, Fabulous Fashions or