THE GILBERT and Sullivan Society of Bermuda have announced the formation of a Theatre Arts Scholarship.

The Society is most well known for its annual October production at City Hall öö most recently Guys and Dolls in 2002, and Chicago in 2001. The productions have been well received and are compared with professional productions on Broadway in New York and Londonâs West End.

The cast members over the years have included people in the age ranges of five to 85 and the productions have proved to be a valuable training ground for students wishing to pursue a career in musical theatre.

The shows have been financial successes in the past and a portion of the profits of the society have been donated to various charities on the Island every year.

As of 2003, the Gilbert and Sullivan Society will be awarding a scholarship towards tuition in a theatre arts or opera programme at a university. The scholarship will be awarded annually to a student attending an accredited theatre arts course at a recognized school of higher learning.

With the general lack of money available to those in the arts and no existing scholarship money available for musical theatre, the Gilbert & Sullivan Theatre Arts Scholarship was launched to help students pursuing a career in musical theatre or opera.

The scholarship will be awarded annually and the normal award will be U.S. $5,000 dollars per annum. Should the Society have a particularly successful production there may be more than one awarded in that year.

Successful applicants are not barred from subsequent applications for this scholarship but must demonstrate that at least a three-point grade average or equivalent has been maintained.

A programme for design and production is also eligible. The application deadline is April 30, 2003.

Those students interested in applying for the scholarship should call 292-6060 or get in contact with Doug Tufts, Anfossi Management Limited., Armoury Building, Reid Street, Hamilton. P.O. Box 279, Hamilton, HM AX.