Curious homeowners eager to redesign, refresh and renovate their living expanses will be able to find a wealth of resources available at Gorham's annual home remodelling fair tomorrow (April 17).

The event, now in its second year, promises to be bigger and better than last year's initial offering to complement the newly redesigned store's fresh new offerings of products for local shoppers.

Event organizer Rod Farrington said: "People interested in doing work on their home should really make an effort to come to the store tomorrow. We are probably going to have about two dozen contractors representing different trades on hand for people to talk to along with some of our vendors.

"We are setting aside the whole centre area of the store and each participant will have a table set up where shoppers can see photos of their work and discuss ideas and plans that they have for their homes. While the list of contractors is still being finalized, we hope to have electricians, plumbers, painters, closet designers and general contractors on hand. We will also have a building materials expert and a paint expert on hand.

"The contractors are already featured on our website so shoppers can go online and have a peek at what they have to offer beforehand if they wish."

The fair runs from 10am to 2pm at Gorham's on St. John's Road in Pembroke and while last year's fair only made contractors available, this year's event will also offer product specials and a very special gift card opportunity.

Mr. Farrington said: "The feedback from contractors was that last year's fair was extremely successful. It was definitely well attended and on average it seems contractors were able to generate 3-5 leads apiece. This year we are trying new ideas to boost the results even higher.

"During the day of the fair only," Mr. Farrington continued, "Shoppers will be able to purchase a $1,000 gift card for only $950. There are no restrictions attached to the card so it is not only for people interested in remodeling their home.

Go green

"This year the fair also falls very close to Earth Day. Gorhams is a keen supporter of green initiatives so we will be supporting this international event alongside our fair with a series of in-store specials on green products, home remodeling materials and outdoor living items.

"Another tie-in with the Earth Day holiday is we will be featuring fair trade floral arrangements from East End Flower Alley. Their flowers provide a green alternative for floral designers."

Gorham's recently completed a full scale redesign of its store layout which resulted in a more customer friendly offering to local shoppers.

New lines were introduced throughout store departments, while merchandising tweaks such as new shelving and displays and wider aisles were also introduced.

Work is still underway to complete the store with final design tweaks to come alongside a complete product overhaul.