SUNDAY, AUGUST 7: A bid by CableVision to axe Bermuda Broadcasting Company (BBC) channels from its programming will have to be approved by a Government board, it was announced today.

Walter Roban, Minister of Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Strategy, said the two broadcasters had been “mired in legal wrangles” over transmission of the BBC’s ZBM and ZFB since 2008.

He explained the BBC had opted to charge a fee to CableVision (BCV) for its material in 2008 and that CableVision had decided not to show the stations under amendments to existing broadcast laws.

Deals agreed under the amendments were valid for three years, but the two were unable to reach a settlement.

A spokeswoman for Mr Roban said: “In order to change its programme packages and fees charged for those packages, BCV must submit a tariff filing with the Telecommunications Commission.

“BCV has filed such a submission and the Telecommunications Commission will consider the filing as soon as possible.

“Once the Commission has completed its due diligence it will announce its decision with regard to the BCV filing.”