The last time Hon. Michael Dunkley said that his leader had his full support, Hon. Wayne Furbert resigned after 15 months as opposition leader and who took over?  Yes, the Hon. Michael Dunkley took over the UBP as the opposition leader. Two days ago Mr Dunkley said that the then Premier, Craig Cannonier, had his full support. Lo and behold, late Monday evening Mr Cannonier resigned in dramatic fashion after 18 months in office and who is set to take over as 

Premier... Wait a minute, I’ve seen this movie before! 

Bermuda, let’s not forget it was only a few years ago that a report was conducted by the UBP that recommended that Mr Michael Dunkley play a lesser role and that they use “black surrogates” to gain votes. 

“We may have been better served lowering his (then-UBP leader Michael Dunkley’s) profile a bit, letting a handful of black surrogates play a more visible role.”Excerpt from UBP Secret Report.

Perhaps, what we are witnessing is the realization that the black surrogates have served their time, will be disposed of and the real parents are showing themselves. 

The face of the administration has changed but has the administration really changed? Or are we seeing the true colours of a preexisting plan coming to fruition?  Some may say that Mr Dunkley was running the show all along; some may even feel that Mr Dunkley was vying for this
position from the very beginning of the OBA; they may even say that the “JetGate Scandal”
was set up by members of the OBA to set up the demise of Craig Cannonier and the rise of Michael Dunkley to commander and chief. 

Flanked by the JetGate co-accused, Ministers Mark Pettingill and Shawn Crockwell, Mr Dunkley revealed that Craig Cannonier would be leaving the island to take a holiday yesterday. 

Cutting a trail

As Bermudians would call it, it looks as though the former Premier is “cutting a trail”. Where is he going? Well, I think that it’s safe to assume that he won’t be on a jet this time.  The events leading up to the resignation and the resignation itself are all questionable. I must ask. If there was nothing to hide then why resign? Some may see this as a concession of wrongdoing and I think they’d be justified in that conclusion considering the deafening silence. All Bermuda needed was for you to address the issues. With the greatest degree of respect, it looks as if the plan was fulfilled and the surrogate has been replaced by the real Papa Bear.  “The Cabinet remains unchanged and the Senate remains unchanged.” — Acting Premier Michael Dunkley.

If nothing has changed and the acting Premier can state that so boldly it behooves me to ask why should, and how can, the people of Bermuda feel comfortable with this government given it’s dubious track record as of late? Why is it that the former Premier, Mr Cannonier, had to resign but not his co-accused, Mr Crockwell and Pettingill? The ministers that stood by and did nothing should also be held accountable. 

In my opinion, the entire Cabinet was complicit, or involved with others in questionable behaviour with regards to the former Premier’s actions, and silence. 

Asking the people of Bermuda to trust this government after the recent developments is like trying to nail jelly to a wall. It’s not going to happen. This is not the end of the saga. This government cannot avoid the responsibilities of tomorrow by neglecting them today. Mr Cannonier will return from his “vacation” and the questions will still remain. He is still a member of parliament and the people of his constituency and the people of Bermuda still have questions and they deserve answers. What really happened with that $300k? What really went down on that jet? Former Premier Cannonier was on that jet with two lawyers that are both well versed in the law. 

The people of Bermuda deserve answers. 

The people of Bermuda still have questions and silence will not suffice! 

Eron Hill, an 18-year-old former member of Bermuda’s Youth Parliament and the Bermuda National Debate Team, is now an aspiring lawyer and legal understudy working at Compass Law Chambers under the tutelage of local barrister and attorney, Charles Richardson. 



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