Live canvas: Guests will be able to mingle with models at the exhibit and talk about what inspired their work. *Photo supplied
Live canvas: Guests will be able to mingle with models at the exhibit and talk about what inspired their work. *Photo supplied

FRIDAY, FEB. 24: The Art Centre at Dockyard is hosting a unique art exhibit on March 10.

Dubbed “Living Art”, the show, which takes place at the New Washington Mall (downstairs behind the Beluga bar), features the human body as the canvas.

Various “canvases or work” will be featured including tattoos, body painting, extreme hairstyles, jewellery, fashion and various live performances.

The exhibit is a fund-raiser and is important for the Art Centre, which like many other charities in Bermuda, is feeling the pinch.

The organizers wanted to come up with something that’s never been done before, something that would definitely draw a crowd. With Living Art I think we’ll achieve that.

Bermudian tattoo artist, Lee Eastmond will be doing an actual tattoo at the event, while various members of the public will model their own works of art in the form of tattoos.

There won’t be a stage as such. We want models and guests to mingle and talk about the inspiration behind their work.

The same goes for the body painting. We want the public to see the process and talk to the artists who will be painting our models, or should I say our ‘reluctant’ volunteers.

To help the models retain a certain amount of privacy, masks have been designed by artist Summer Wood.

These, along with various other items, will be auctioned off later in the evening to raise further funds for the Art Centre.

Artists who will be participating in the body painting include Rhona Emmerson, Vanessa Richmond and Calix Smith.

Meanwhile fashion guru Amathyst has stepped up to showcase some new designs at the event, which starts at 6.30pm.

We were extremely pleased that Amathyst, along with Rene Hill and hopefully a few other fashion designers, eagerly agreed to participate.

Amathyst will also be featuring jewellery, along with well-known jewellery designer Alexandra Mosher.

Meanwhile a handful of local artists including Emma Ingham and I will be painting at the event, which even features unique cake decorating and models showing off their extreme hair styles.

Of course the evening would not be complete without live performance and Bermuda’s Capoeira Camara group has agreed to perform.

Tiffany Paynter and Renneka Hill will also be doing short stand up impromptu performances.

However, if you would like to sign up as a tattoo model, hair stylist or musician you can contact Tricia  Walters at 516-1816 before March 5.

For more information contact the Art Centre at Dockyard on 234-2809. Tickets on sale from at $25, which includes a free drink. Sponsors include the Bermuda Sun, Goslings, Barritts, Fusion and the DNA Creative Shoppe.