FRIDAY, FEB. 3: A new training school for IT specialists is set to be up and running by the end of June, Estates and Information Services Minister Michael Scott said today.

Mr Scott added that the Cisco Academy would be set up at the Bermuda College in Paget, with the aim of preparing Bermudians for a career at the cutting edge of technology.

He said that his team was speaking to the private sector in a bid to get outside funding to help establish the training school.

Mr Scott added: “I have and will continue to make specific reference to the obvious benefits of having Cisco certified Bermudians who will be able to position themselves effectively and strategically to become the employees of first choice in our local IT sector.

“It is my hope and expectation, therefore, that the local IT sector will contribute generously towards the funding required to get the local Cisco Academy up and running.”

Last year’s Throne Speech signalled that Government was in talks with Cisco Systems, a major global player in IT products and services, to start a training centre in Bermuda.

In answer to questions from Shadow Education Minister Grant Gibbons, Mr Scott said that “literally dozens” of posts in Bermuda relied on Cisco qualifications.

He added that “too many” of that type of post were filled by overseas workers, which was why Government was keen to establish a Cisco training scheme to prepare Bermudians to take over the jobs.