Same game? Dunkley *Photo by Glenn Tucker
Same game? Dunkley *Photo by Glenn Tucker

Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts... perhaps the fear of a loss of power.”

The very first subsection in the Minsters’ Code of Conduct states: Ministers must uphold the principle of Collective Responsibility. Collective responsibility, also known as “collective guilt”, is a concept in which individuals are responsible for other people’s actions by tolerating, ignoring, or harbouring them, without actively collaborating in these actions. An individual is complicit in a crime or wrong-doing if he or she is aware of its occurrence and has the ability to report the crime, but fails to do so. 

As such, the individual effectively allows someone to carry out the wrong doing despite possibly being able to stop that person — either directly or by removing himself or herself or by speaking out.

The person who stands by and allows it to happen is a de facto accessory to the crime, rather than an innocent bystander.

Former Premier Mr. Cannonier resigned in dramatic fashion this week. 

He admitted that he was not fully transparent with the people of Bermuda regarding the “Jetgate Affair”. 

The only thing conceded was that Mr. Cannonier was not fully transparent.

If that’s his only reason for resigning then the Governor should be receiving a plethora of other resignation letters from government MP’s right about…NOW!  Even if more people resigned, we, the people of Bermuda, still demand and deserve answers because the questions still remain…  Where is the 300k? Who else was involved? What else happened? This Government needs to answer the questions; get to the bottom of “JetGate”;  address the issues, and hold themselves accountable. To date, they have shown the people of Bermuda not only that they have not done any of the latter but that they are not willing to do so.

It’s an utter disregard for the will of the people, and in total contravention of everything they ran their election campaign on.

The first order of business should be to get to the bottom of the issue; even if that means having to make decisions that require a little testicular fortitude and removing certain members from cabinet. Without the questions being answered, changing the face of the leader does nothing to gain the trust of the people of Bermuda,  especially when it’s not exactly a new face. 

It’s the former deputy Premier to Mr. Cannonier who said Mr. Cannonier, who admitted to not being totally transparent, had his full support. He allowed him to continue in his wrongdoing without speaking up. Remember what I said about collective responsibility. If you allow it, it’s just as bad as if you did it. 

The people of Bermuda demand answers, and the people of Bermuda deserve answers. Is there true change, or just a different face but the same game?