Today, Bermudians will take to the streets in a march on Parliament. They want Premier Craig  Cannonier to address their concerns about the actions and words of the OBA’s Michael Fahy and Michael Branco on the issue of term limits.

Over the last week, many OBA supporters have written via blogs and calling Bermudian protestors sore losers who are looking to destroy Bermuda. But Bermuda is their home and for anyone to say they wish to destroy it is extremely insulting. If persons wish to show their displeasure at being labelled ‘xenophobic’ they have as much right as Rosa Parks, to do so.

Mr Cannonier must understand one thing; he appointed Mr Fahy and the OBA appointed Mr Branco. Neither of these gentlemen were elected by the people of Bermuda.

“There’s too much going on, there’s too much at stake to continue with the walls of divisiveness that’s up there. The question is how do we do that?”

C. Cannonier Jan 22, 2013

This is perhaps Mr Cannonier’s prime opportunity to show true Bermudian leadership.

Second topic: divide & conquer. Recently in some segments of the media there has been an attempt to portray the PLP as becoming split along the lines of age, with the younger generation fighting against their elders for internal power.

I find it laughable because it is the elders who have elected the younger persons into positions of authority within the party. The executive of the PLP has a wide spectrum of ages, from 30 to 70. All were one voted in by delegates who also varied in age.

Marc Bean was voted in by 111 delegates to lead the PLP.  Most of those delegates where above the age of 50.

I recall prior to the election some of the media came to the rallies and reported that the events attracted few young persons. Post election, the same media is attempting to say the young people are kicking out the elders. Do they ever stop attempting to divide us via slanted stories?

Youthful awareness

If anything, it is the recent actions of Mr Branco and Mr Fahy that have propelled more people aged 30-40 to look closer at the PLP. So yes. there is movement among the young people of Bermuda. They are moving to join the elders to ‘Stand Strong for All Bermudians’. 

They are listening, too. One of the downfalls of the PLP pre-election was that the people did not feel that they were being listened to. There was a perception that the PLP was operating within a bubble or vacuum.

Well I am here to say that we are listening. Not a day goes go when I don’t receive an email or phone call or get stopped on the street by fellow Bermudians.

I know this is the same for all those involved with the PLP. Thank God for unlimited phone calls and Whatsapp and BB. If Digicel charged us by the word, the national debt could be paid. Yes OBA, you can copy & paste that idea for your next budget.

Daily we communicate with people of this country; we meet as a party there is a host of meetings coming for the public to state their wishes. Watch this space.