Pressed on their conscience. Oh yeah.

And they live their lives 

On false pretence every day

— Bob Marley

The subject of trust has been the topic of much discussion due to JetGate. 

The English philosopher John Locke wrote that voters give governments power with “express or tacit Trust, that it shall be employed for their good, and the preservation of their property”.

It is imperative that a significant level of trust exist between the electorate and government. Once trust is shaken, a government is unable to effectively govern and ultimately a party loses the privilege to represent.      

For 17 months, the OBA has violated the electorate’s trust by failing to hold themselves, and their colleagues, to any level of true accountability and transparency.  

Examples of violations of our trust:

n Our highest elected officials misleading the public regarding JetGate;

n Refusing to answer questions regarding JetGate; 

n Waiting a year before instigating an internal investigation of the JetGate allegations;

n Commissioning that secret report to explore methods to abandon the referendum;

n Reneging on the gaming referendum; 

n Enabling foreign companies to own residential properties;

n Plans to sell Bermuda status;

n Failure to create 2,000 jobs;

n OBA plans to privatize the Civil Service;

n Minister Fahy changing the law to make private contracts retroactive; 

n The opening of a secret account to receive funds from Nathan Landow, to be used in an “underground campaign against the PLP”.

According to Premier Dunkley, when asked if he thinks the electorate will trust the OBA again: “I do. I believe that there’s been some doubt about the way forward and we will rebuild on some of the challenges we’ve had and we will make sure the people are confident as we move forward. Be open and transparent and that’s what I intend to do.”  

Ironically, immediately following this statement, he referred to JetGate as “DeadGate”. 

But according to OBA MP Leah Scott: “Before we can even begin to move forward, the current level of mistrust between and among members of this Government and its party, between members of this Government and the Opposition, and between members of this Government and the people of this country must be addressed.” (May 17).

In a survey released on May 22 by Profiles of Bermuda, a view of the people’s trust in the OBA was revealed. Twice as many voters think the PLP is more in touch with the people’s concerns than the OBA.  

Premier Dunkley arrogantly dismissed the results as a mere “snapshot in time”. 

The OBA has a razor- thin, two-seat majority in the House of Assembly. The OBA have not only squandered their mandate, but have made a mockery of their narrow majority. 

For the reasons outlined above, MPs Mark Pettingill and Shawn Crockwell must be censured for their part in concealing the facts of JetGate from the public and Parliament. 

The OBA must also be sanctioned for its attempt to protect and shield its elected and appointed members from public scrutiny — actions that fly in the face of accountability and transparency and which have damaged Bermuda’s reputation here and abroad.

Most Bermudians no longer have confidence in the OBA.


“There remains still in the people a supreme power to remove or alter the legislative when they find the legislative act contrary to the trust reposed in them.” 

— John Locke

Well you get on your feet

And out on the street

Power to the people

Power to the people, right on

— John Lennon