You are the one per cent.

The next time you quench your thirst with an ice cold Coca-Cola consider this — it probably took you all of 90 seconds to earn the money for it. 

But someone who lives in Ghana would have to work practically all day to earn enough to buy that soda.

Earlier this week, Oxfam published a report stating the world’s 85 richest people have as much money as the world’s poorest 3.5 billion.

Staggering figures

While we can shake our heads at that staggering figure, the world’s 85 richest people represent just a tiny sliver of the world’s richest one per cent — which would include most Bermudians.

According to the Global Rich List, the average Bermudian is in the top 0.37 per cent richest people in the world.

What does that mean?

Here’s one stark example — what you make in a year would take someone in
Zimbabwe 46 years to earn.

The findings by Oxfam not only highlight the bulging gap between rich and poor, but also the “vicious circle” of widening inequality. 

The 85 richest people in the world have as much wealth as nearly half the world’s population.

That was in a recent report by Oxfam, an international relief organization, which based their figures on the Forbes Billionaires’ List. 

Much has been written in the US over the last few years about one per cent versus the 99 per cent.

But did you know the average Bermudian would be counted among the world’s elite as far as earnings go?

Last week the Department of Statistics published its Labour Force Survey, which showed the average Bermudian makes $58,640 a year or roughly $46,912 net.

According to the Global Rich List (, the average Bermudian makes more money than 99.63 per cent of the world’s population. 

That would make the average Bermudian worker the 22,139,299th richest person in the world. 

You can go to the website to see how rich you are compared to the rest of the world. Below are some stats based on an average Bermudian’s salary.