The Norwegian Breakaway docked at Heritage Wharf in Bermuda. *Photo by Mikaela Pearman
The Norwegian Breakaway docked at Heritage Wharf in Bermuda. *Photo by Mikaela Pearman
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10:09am: Thanks for following us this morning. We'll be updating with other Breakaway stories on the website.
9:43am: Everything seems to be flowing smoothly at Dockyard with no transportation problems, so that is a big relief.
9:22: Warwick Gombey Troupe greeting the passengers. Gosling's offering rum swizzles and dark n stormies to the visitors.
9:20am: Passengers saying they are going to Port Royal to golf. Others are buying bus and ferry passes and it is a boon for taxi and tour bus drivers,
9:10am: Steel pans are playing too. Bermuda rolling up the welcome mat in style this morning.
9:07am: Don Burgess: The Gombeys are welcoming the guests in Bermuda. When I was in Honduras they had their version of Gombeys greet passengers. 
9am: Don Burgess: Bermuda has a couple of people dressed up in early history costumes greeting the passengers. That's a nice touch. You don't get that in hardly any port. 
8:58am: They're coming off now - let the shopping begin!
8:55am: Mikaela Pearman - People are getting off the Celebrity Summit first, even though it docked after the Norwegian Breakaway. 
8:50am: Don Burgess: The passengers are still onboard. They were supposed to be able to get off at 8am so they must be waiting for the official ceremony before letting everyone disembark. 
8:32am:Photos added of the Casino, hydrotherapy pool, Cake Boss Buddy Valastro, Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian, Burn the Floor dancers, The Waterfron and the water slides.

8:08am: We've added some photos and will continue to add photos throughout the day to give you a first look inside the ship.

7:57am: The Celebrity Summit coming alongside to tie down at King;s Wharf so people can have a visual of the difference in the two ships. 
7:37am: Mikaela Pearman: The atmosphere out here is electric. This ship is massive. I am surprised at so many Bermudians are out here so early to see this ship. People are excited about this boat. It's really busy. The taxi drivers have been lined up since I got here. Most of the shops will open at 8am. It looks like the wharf is done. It looks similar to yesterday, but it looks like its done.
7:33am: The ship is absolutely massive. Now residents can see what a mega-ship is rather than the mid-size or normal ships that call in Bermuda.
7:30am: It's about 70 degrees but with a good breeze so it's a bit chilly out at Dockyard. The Breakaway is docking into Heritage Wharf. Mikaela: It's super busy out here. There are way more people out here than yesterday. 
7:25am: Well, most people didn't think it could be done, but Heritage Wharf was ready in time to handle the Breakaway. The ship is easing in now towards the dock. 
7:20am: The cannon just went off to welcome it into Bermuda. Lots of people with their cameras out taking photos. There were also a smattering of people along North Shore taking pictures.

7:13am: Mikaela Pearman: People are milling about and they are quite excited about its arrival. 

7:05am: The Norwegian Breakaway is headed towards Heritage Wharf to become the largest ship ever to dock in Bermuda. The Bermuda Sun's Kageaki Smith and Mikaela Pearman are down at the dock to bring you video updates this morning.