Downsizing, layoffs and belt-tightening in the spring of 2010 reflect the reality of a Bermuda construction industry steeped in an uncertain economy.

Individuals and entities with investments of any kind express concern at the siege of events, the watchwords being 'tread' and 'carefully'.

In this latest Construction Supplement, the Bermuda Sun offers a profile of one such individual, Alex DeCouto and the company, Greymane Contracting that the young Bermudian has undertaken to oversee through the tough times. Mr. DeCouto doesn't flinch when discussing his fears and the double-edged sword of aggressive project pricing.

Sports and orthopaedic physician, Dr. Annabel Carter, has contributed an article relating to the ergonomic and physical complaints with which workers in the construction field are often beset. She examines whole body and hand-arm vibrations and back, shoulder and neck problems and offers suggestions on how to avoid such injuries.

We follow up with advice by Posture & Pain Centre physiotherapist, Shona Palmer, who lists treatments for the various afflictions.

Managing director of Kaissa Limited, Charles Dunstan, provides a fascinating look at waterproofing below sea level. Read his account of how three of Bermuda's best-known structures in a sense aligned themselves against the ocean with a little help from his firm.

The Construction Association of Bermuda (CAOB) in 2009 had a change of president. Read J. Andrew Pereira's sketch of the association, the downturned climate in which it finds itself, and how he as the new president and his team will continue to support the CAOB members.

The article on BS&R's refinishing wood furniture discusses the difference between distressed wood and faux finishes. It applies these possibilities to specific woods and suggests how, by distressing, an individual can change the look of a single piece of furniture, the doors of kitchen cabinets and other pieces.

Building, renovating or downsizing, you have got the choice of discarding inventory or storing it in a self-storage facility. The Bermuda Sun found such a one, under construction and right next door. Troy Burrows, the developer of Bermuda Public Storage, is also a young Bermudian who has a lot of feelings for his project.

Fences the colour of transparency form the basis for another article in which removability is also an option. Have a read about Vinyltech's child-protective pool barriers. The same fencing can be rolled up and stored for an adult party as needed.

Be sure to leave time for Charles Dunstan's second article on the 2008 initiative of a Back to Work Programme, partnering construction industry employers under the aegis of the CAOB with the principals of the Bermuda Housing Corporation's Hustle Truck Programme. Learn how, through his encouragement and support, Minister of Labour, Home Affairs and Housing, Lt. Col. David Burch facilitated the collaboration.

We have included up-dated photos of some of the buildings under construction seen in earlier issues, including a traditional roof wetting at Magnolia Towers.

Look, too, for articles on building sustainably and selling properties under construction.

Discover how architects and other construction-related businesses go about their businesses.

The Bermuda Sun invites you to delve into these pages and make them your own. Consider and question the current climate and wonder at the possibilities - as Alex DeCouto and Troy Burrows did - that the 'half full glass' offers.