WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5: A spokesperson for M3 Wireless said the company "would like apologize to their customers for the recent service interruptions and thank them for their patience.

The service interruptions were due to the high winds over the past few weeks.

On December 20, lightning struck the DeFontes tower affecting both 2G cellular and easyConnect Internet service in the Devonshire area.

Continued high winds throughout the next 10 days affected 2G and 3G cellular service in some areas of Smiths, Hamilton, St. Georges and Paget Parishes and prevented crews from safely repairing the affected towers. Service is back to normal in all areas.

Sheila Lines, M3 Wireless CEO, said: “Unfortunately we can all be at the mercy of Mother Nature. Our Network Operations team worked around the clock throughout the holiday season to repair the damage caused by the high winds.

"I commend them for their hard work.”

M3 will continue to monitor all networks for any further damage.