St. David's MP Lovitta Foggo. *Photo by Nicola Muirhead
St. David's MP Lovitta Foggo. *Photo by Nicola Muirhead



The OBA threat to close the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre has galvanized the community and with a petition having garnered close to 3000 signatures, it is evident that the people do not support shutting its doors.

...We haven't been told the whole story and that there is more going on with Lamb Foggo than meets the eyes and that is sad.

The people of St. David's are used to being ignored and marginalized... but as the representative for the people of St. David's I will not stand by while their needs and the needs of all our neighbours in the east end are pushed aside and their voices ignored.

Lamb Foggo benefits the east end and Bermuda.

Consider this:


  • According to a report, of the 77 physicians advertising in the yellow pages none are located east of Devonshire, creating a gap in access to care for people of the east end
  • Demand for emergency care is rising and Lamb Foggo plays a key role in reducing the strain on resources and man-power at KEMH
  • A decrease in KEMH Emergency beds by 6 or by 24% plus the additional 5,500 patients expected to now head to KEMH  with the closing of Lamb Foggo will lead to a significant increase in wait times in the emergency room
  • In severe weather or civil emergencies Lamb Foggo is perfectly positioned to meet the needs east end residents
  • Lamb Foggo has helped to fill the service gap between the Emergency Department and the island¹s General Practitioners
  • Its existence has led to shorter waits and greater convenience for patients across the island

There is also the matter of being able to assist with foreseen and unforeseen incidents such as

  • If the island were to face another major hurricane, the residents of St. David¹s and St. George¹s could once again find themselves cut off and isolated from medical care.  As this report argues, Lamb Foggo is strategically placed and well equipped to provide emergency services with a large generator and located well above potential storm surges
  • The facility could assist in treating minor victims of an aircraft incident at LF Wade International Airport, relieving the pressure on KEMH
  • It could also serve as an outpatient clinic during a major outbreak of a highly contagious disease

Add all these factors in and combine them with the desire of the people to see Lamb Foggo open and serving their needs.

Anyone can cut.  It doesn't take any brains, any vision or any creativity to cut.

Making cuts are easy, especially if those making the cuts either don't care about the people or don't have to live with the consequences of their actions.  Making cuts are easy if you are more interested in hooking up your friends and family than in the needs of the people.

We cannot allow our current economic crisis to be used as an excuse for rash, risky decisions that may, in reality be motivated by secret meetings with unnamed physicians.

Let's use our brains to find a solution.. let's use our vision to see a way forward and let¹s use our creativity to find new ways to meet the needs of our people.  Let's find a way to make Lamb Foggo operate more efficiently and more profitably, TOGETHER.

Let us CURE... not CUT