Senator Michael Fahy. *Photo supplied
Senator Michael Fahy. *Photo supplied


The Minister of Home Affairs, Sen. the Hon. Michael Fahy, JP, has issued a letter on Friday afternoon to the Mayor of Hamilton, Graham Outerbridge, expressing the Government’s grave concern regarding the comments made by Deputy Mayor Donal Smith as reported in Friday’s Royal Gazette

Minister Fahy said, “It is shocking that an elected official could attack homosexuals in this manner. In addition, his commentary regarding International Business is completely unacceptable, especially given the value of the industry to Bermuda’s economy.  As Deputy Mayor, the reputational risks associated with all these comments is potentially quite damaging to Bermuda.”

The Minister stressed that whilst he understands the Mayor’s position to be that his Deputy’s comments were made in a private capacity, given his public position it is expected that the Deputy Mayor should at least issue a public apology and has further requested that the Mayor consider other steps that could be taken in respect of Mr. Smith.

The Minister further stressed, “Mr. Smith's comments were saddening, regrettable and just plain deplorable, and I feel confident in saying that his remarks are not representative of the majority of Bermudians. I hope that the Deputy Mayor takes a long hard look at what he said and reconsider his position.”

It should be noted that a meeting already planned with the Mayor and elected officers of the municipalities, previously  planned for Monday, is expected to see this item added to the agenda.