Immigration Minister David Burch has called for an end to the 'hypocrisy' over term limits.

The Minister confirmed yesterday that businesses will be able to apply for ten-year work permits.

But he said he was not inclined to issue any until he saw an end to the mixed messages he was getting from the business sector.

He said the vast majority of businesses were happy with the way his department handled requests for exemptions and exceptions to the term-limits rule. But he said those who had no problem with the policy were silent while the same critics were given unlimited media play.

He condemned the notion that term limits were driving international business into the ground as a UBP fallacy.

"It is part of the fiction that you get from people that were turfed out of office in '98 and are never coming back. Because they own you people (the media) they are able to present to people that the sky is falling in," he said yesterday.

He added that many countries had similar legislation to protect local workers and said businesses would face the same issues anywhere they went.

"Not one person in this country will stand up and be honest about term limits.

"I couldn't arrive at JFK and say 'hello Barack, I'm here... and I'm not leaving'...

"I find it offensive that I am expected to apologise for protecting the rights of Bermudians and have it characterized as being anti-foreign."