THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22: The Ministry of Public Works today reported on the initial findings contained in an engineering report investigating the cause of damage to the Heritage Wharf Pier in Dockyard including the design and construction.  

As announced in July 2011, the Ministry of Public Works, working in conjunction with the Ministry of Transport, secured the services of an independent, third party marine engineering company whose employees are professionally qualified to undertake such inspections. 

These specialists examined the structure of the pier and thruster wall along with studying the design specifications.

The report has been completed and delivered to the Ministry of Public Works.

Initial findings include:

The damage to the thruster wall is believed to be associated with the wave action during hurricane Igor in September, 2010.

The damaged thruster wall poses no danger to vessels using the Wharf.

The damage to the thruster wall is not expected to deteriorate under normal usage.

The damage is not expected to have any negative impact on the remainder of the 2011 cruise season, or the 2012 season.

A solution is under development that is intended to resolve the issue as a matter of priority.

While the Ministry works to ascertain potential liabilities as well as the extent of repairs required and associated costs, it would be irresponsible to make any public statements concerning these aspects of the report.