* Photo supplied. Man at the top: J. Andrew ‘Andy’ Pereira was elected the Construction Association of Bermuda president in 2009.
* Photo supplied. Man at the top: J. Andrew ‘Andy’ Pereira was elected the Construction Association of Bermuda president in 2009.
After serving on the Board for eight years, four of them as vice-president, it is a great privilege to have been elected president of the Construction Association of Bermuda (CAOB). The construction industry is certainly facing its challenges, but I am optimistic as I enter my first term as president.

Construction companies are struggling to find work; suffice it to say it is not like it has been in past years. New construction starts in Bermuda continue to diminish. Across the industry, companies are downsizing and people are being laid off. Challenges both internal and international have hampered the start of the various major hotel projects in the pipeline. If even one of these projects were to commence now, it could be a significant revitalization within the industry and broader economy.

Current climate

In the meantime, the CAOB continues to focus on supporting its members to become more efficient, competitive and safer in the current Bermuda construction climate.

As the joint managing director of D&J Construction I stay very busy, and with my added duties as the president of the CAOB, I pledge to continue the hard work of the association and to represent the interests of the members in all matters pertaining to the construction industry.

I am pleased to have on the executive committee Charles Dunstan as vice president and Paul Martin as treasurer. Together we are focused on assisting CAOB members through the construction downturn we find ourselves in today. We provide this assistance through support, lobbying government and training programmes.

The programmes offered via the partnership between CAOB and the National Training Board (NTB) through the Bermuda Collage will continue to improve our industry.


Through our membership and affiliated companies, in conjunction with the NTB, the CAOB Scholarship Programme continues to support young Bermudians, giving them an opportunity to obtain a degree abroad in the construction field.

Our biggest fundraiser happens once a year every April. Member and non-member companies across the local industry and overseas continually come together to support our scholarship programme.

This year we celebrate our 9th Annual CAOB Charity Golf Tournament at the Belmont Hills Golf Course. It is an all day event, and without the support of our major sponsors CAPITAL G, Bacardi Limited, Argus Insurance Limited and many member companies, this event would not be the success it is in providing meaningful scholarships. I hope to expand this programme, which will continue to support our young people now and into the future.

If you are interested in learning more about or joining our association, visit www.constructionbermuda.com.