Christopher Famous
Christopher Famous

It would be easy to express words of anger or shock at these times. However, that is not the frame of mind Bermudians should adopt.

Today, as we learn about the latest consultancy post created by the OBA since May, let us be thankful. Be thankful that within seven months they have revealed who they truly are and who they truly represent.

You see Mr Don Greason is yet another classic example of former UBP now OBA supporter / strategist who has been given our tax dollars.

Be grateful that Premier Craig Cannonier now has hired three persons to do one job. Was it not just last week that Minister without portfolio Leah Scott MP was on national TV? Did she not claim that she took a 15-65% ministerial pay cut in order to do ‘Special Projects’ for the Premier? Now Don Grearson has been hired to help her to do ‘Special Projects’ as well. Let's be thankful she has some help.

Was it not the Premier’s Press Secretary Charmaine Burgess who was hired to handle his communications? Now Don Grearson, who is collecting $105,000, has been hired to do a similar job? Let's be thankful she has some help as well.

Was it not the OBA who had asked, begged and told the workers of Bermuda we must all share the sacrifice? Sacrifice jobs, sacrifice income and sacrifice national pride?

Is Mr Grearson sharing in the sacrifice? Or is he gaining from our sacrifice? We sacrifice while they take more than their fair share.

The end result is the OBA has just added more costs to the budget by again hiring one of their own. Yet last week in the House of Assembly they refused to allow details of government contracts and consultancies to be made public. Thankfully now we see why. I think any further chirpings from the OBA about PLP consultants can be put in its proper context now.

It is plain to see the OBA has achieved a level of cockiness and confidence. They feel as if they can say or do whatever they like to Bermudians for the time they are in office. Be thankful you now see their elitist arrogance in action.

If the Bermuda Sun hadn't probed and probed, we, the public, would never have known Mr Grearson has been on the government payroll for two months.

My fellow Bermudians — I understand the frustrations of feeling like you have just been tricked again and again. Yet I implore you to keep calm and stay focused.

Most of all, be thankful that you are registered to vote in the next election.