Nikki Butterfield said there are still things she'd like to achieve in her triathlon career. *File photo
Nikki Butterfield said there are still things she'd like to achieve in her triathlon career. *File photo

MONDAY, JANUARY 28: Nikki Butterfield has decided to put having a second child on hold as she wants to continue competing in triathlons.

Nikki and her husband Tyler plan on competing at the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon on March 2.

This marks a return to racing for Nikki, who is the defending women’s champion at Abu Dhabi. This will be Tyler’s first time competing in this event.

Tyler, who competed at the London Olympics and is the reigning Pan American Champion, is focused on doing long-course events this year.

He said in a press release: “I can’t wait to race in Abu Dhabi. Nikki raved about it so much I’ve been looking forward to heading over all year.

“I like to see what I’ve got in big races and Abu Dhabi has become a key event for a lot of pros.

“Hopefully, both Nik and I can pull something off. Nik’s coming off a long break so we’re not sure how she’ll do, but her training is coming along great.

“It would be fun to do well together in the same race.”

Nikki was going to take away from competing to concentrate on being mom, so it comes a reversal as to what she announced in July of last year.

“It’s been hard trying to do everything. Last July I got to the point where I felt I wasn’t doing anything as well as I would have liked — being a mom, a wife or an athlete.

“I needed time to regroup. It was certainly an attractive idea to take a year off, hang out with (daughter) Savana and get things organized.”

She added after giving it so more thought she realized it would be difficult to leave two children at home while globe-trotting to compete.

“After four months off with more time to think, plus finally feeling caught up on everything, I realized that when we do have another child, I’d like to be a stay-at-home mom, at least until our youngest is in school.

“But for now there are things I’d like to achieve in my triathlon career. It just makes more sense to return to racing for a few years first, then close that chapter altogether.”

She sad Abu Dhabi was the perfect place to make her return to the triathlon scene.