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Opposition leader Marc Bean could table a motion of no confidence in Premier Craig Cannonier and his OBA Government this Friday.

If this was to happen it would be the first time such a vote had taken place in Bermuda since June 2009 when Dr Ewart Brown survived a similar motion over his decision to bring the Uighurs to the island.

If Mr Bean was to table such a motion, a vote could then take place perhaps as early as the next sitting of the House of Assembly on February 28.

And it would involve each of the 36 MPs voting to decide whether the Premier and his Government should remain in office.

If the motion is successful, the country could go back to the polls.

The move to oust Dr Brown from power in 2009 over his secret deal with the US to bring four former Guantanamo prisoners to Bermuda failed to carry as PLP MPs voted against it and stood by their man.

The motion — tabled by Opposition Leader Kim Swan — went down by 22 votes to 11.