*Photo by Glenn Tucker
*Photo by Glenn Tucker

Premier Michael Dunkley has quashed fresh calls for Government to reconsider its decision not to have a referendum on gaming.

He said the party would continue to press ahead without a referendum. And he revealed that an “exciting” new hotel development would be announced in the House of Assembly today.

The appointment of Mr Dunkley as Premier this week had prompted new calls for Government to reverse its controversial decision to do away with a referendum on gaming.

But when asked by the Bermuda Sun if the Government would reconsider its stance, he said: “Not in my mind. We are too far along that path.”

The announcement will disappoint former UBP leader Kim Swan and political activist Jonathan Starling, who have been at the forefront of a pro-referendum petition.

Mr Starling and Mr Swan had urged the new Premier to reconsider the decision taken under his predecessor’s’ reign. But Mr Dunkley appears not to have been moved by the request. Instead, he was keen to highlight a potential hotel development that will be announced in the House of Assembly today.

He said: “I am excited about an announcement we will be making in relation to a new hotel development.”

The Bermuda Sun understands that the hotel development in question is in St George’s. But Mr Dunkley would not provide any more details. n