People, PLP help to save clinic

People power helped to save the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre in St David’s. The OBA had opted to close it after figures from the Bermuda Hospitals Board appeared to suggest it was running at an unsustainable loss. Local PLP MP Lovitta Foggo, pictured, was among those who made the case for it to remain open and there was even a protest march. The OBA acknowledged that the people had spoken and the clinic was granted an 11th hour reprieve. A long-term financial solution is still being sought. 

Typhoon terror hits home

Ex-Bermuda resident Nora Benueza Leigh surveyed the devastation near her home in the Philippines after Typhoon Hiayan killed more than 6,000 people.

Bermudians rallied to help and raised thousands to aid relief efforts.

Ms Leigh has a Bermudian daughter, Hannah Joy and lived in Bermuda for more than 20 years. 

Tributes to teacher

Tributes were profound and plentiful after the death of pioneering educator Dr Clarence Maxwell.

He taught at Berkeley Institute where he helped and inspired a generation of Bermudians to reach for their potential.

Dr Maxwell was 80 when he died. 

In defence of GPS for cabs

The OBA said it would make GPS optional for cabbies. Not a good idea, some veterans of the industry told us.

Cabbie Dupierre Simons, pictured, was at first wary of the new technology but subsequently embraced it. Radio is obsolete, he told us.

Raymond Robinson, boss of BTA (Dispatching) Ltd, said Bermuda needs to move forward, not backwards, and keep GPS. 

Promise of food discounts

In a bid to ease the pain of a lingering recession, Government announced in the Throne Speech that three grocery stores would offer 10% discounts on Wednesdays — 5% more than normal. 

Furore over top legal post

Governor George Fergusson, centre, ruffled feathers when he announced that incumbent Rory Field would continue as Director of Public Prosecutions. Bermudian candidate Cindy Clarke, right, was in the mix but, for reasons unknown at press time, she did not get the job. Lawyers publicly came out to criticize the decision. 

Tax dollars up in smoke

The SAGE report formally exposed Bermuda’s worst kept secret — the public sector is bloated and inefficient. Poor leadership, wastefulness and abuses of the system were cited as key causes, as taxpayers’ money goes up in smoke. The report recommends tough measures to cut costs but whether they will be implemented remains to be seen. 

Frankie’s tale

A story that touched thousands — the death of homeless Frankie Simmons.

His sister told us he was once a maitre’d at Pink Beach and a talented artist.

He died at 61; he’d been found a few days earlier slumped on a stairwell. 

Knife terror

This 66-year-old gas station attendant was held at knifepoint by robbers at Raynor’s Gas Station, Southampton.

They fled with little money and luckily the employee was unharmed.