THURSDAY, FEB. 2: New face Alexis Swan is to run against the son of a former Premier in the Warwick South East constituency, the opposition OBA announced today.

Veteran MP and Shadow Education Minister Grant Gibbons will once again contest his Paget East seat, which he held at the last General Election for the UBP.

Ms Swan, 25, will take on Lawrence Scott, another newcomer, at the next general election. Mr Scott was adopted as a PLP candidate after his father Alex Scott announced he was retiring from politics.

Ms Swan said: “I grew up in a political system that seemed to be more about division than unity, more about self-interest than community, more about party than the country.

“I watched the governing party deliberately manipulate race for political gain and spend us into debt so deep that it will take my generation all our lives to pay off.”

Ms Swan, an insurance account representative and community activist, said she had signed up for the OBA “because it brings something new to the scene.”

She added: “I also believe in the OBA’s commitment to forming a government based on positive values and principles – such as honesty, transparency, cooperation, selflessness, responsibility and public service.”

Dr Gibbons said: “Alexis is part of what I call the rising generation of young Bermudians who will help to determine our collective future.”

He added that Bermuda needed “a fresh start” – and that the ruling PLP was “tired and running out of solutions.”

Dr Gibbons said: “I believe that the OBA team can provide that fresh start.”

Party leader Craig Cannonier said the pair “represented the kind of team the One Bermuda Alliance is building to serve Bermuda. It is about continuity and change.”