PLP Senator Diallo Rabain *File photo
PLP Senator Diallo Rabain *File photo

Statement by PLP Senate Leader Sen. Diallo Rabain

The Opposition Senate Team find it abysmal that the OBA government presented no legislation to the Senate.  

The last time the Senate met was March 26, and now we are adjourned until June 11.  

Today's session saw the Government Senators read four Ministerial Statements (which all had been read in the House of Assembly), and submit reports.  In the Motion to Adjourn, all three PLP Senators spoke for the length of our allotted time to the issues of the day, but only the OBA Senate Leader Minister Fahy spoke.  The remaining Government Senators were quiet yet again.

We sincerely hope that the internal distractions and confusion haven't affected the OBA's ability to govern properly, but the fact that there has been little to no significant legislation of late, is concerning to us.