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21 April 2010

Statement by Constituency #3 MP Lovitta Foggo 

 News of redundancies and cuts to the services at the Lamb-Foggo facility are a blow to the people of St. David's. 

Since its launch, the Lamb-Foggo Urgent Care Centre has been a lifeline to a community that for too long has been ignored, neglected and treated like second class citizens.  What are we to do if the Causeway goes out again? 

To have made this decision without public consultation and without consideration for the people of St. David's particularly and the eastern zone as a whole, sends a strong and negative message to our community.  

For years, the Lamb-Foggo facility operated with a surplus. We would need and the people deserve to have the BHB's claims that the facility is now operating at a deficit, be verified.

We call on the Bermuda Hospitals Board to release the business case being used to excuse this move and work with the people of St. David's to ensure that we don't go back to the days when access to urgent care was more challenging and if the bridge was closed/out, sometimes denied.