The Progressive Labour Party is pleased to see that finally the Premier has seen fit to reduce his Cabinet.  We, and most of Bermuda, have been calling repeatedly for this to happen over the past year, to no avail.

We find it puzzling though that neither the Tourism Minister nor the Attorney General were removed from the Cabinet.  The AG’s tenure has been marked by incompetence and inexplicable blunders, while the Tourism Minister’s role has been supplanted by the Tourism Authority and the de-facto Tourism Minister, David Dodwell.

We are also disappointed to see that there has been a change in the post of Education Minister.  As an Opposition, the OBA were very critical of the numerous Education Ministers under the PLP Administration. Now less than one year into their tenure, they have replaced the Education Minister.  The teachers, students and parents deserve some continuity and stability.

In addition, during a time when financial resources are challenging, the Premier could have himself taken on a Cabinet Ministry.  This would have required one less person to receive a cabinet salary, and therefore provided cost savings to the country.

To his credit, Premier Cannonier has finally realized the "urgency of now", and has made the decision to reduce the Cabinet and shuffle responsibilities.  We will wait and see how effective this Cabinet can be in service to the people of Bermuda.