Statement by Shadow Tourism Minister Wayne Furbert

In 2012 the OBA repeatedly promised that civil servant jobs would be secure. In 2014, Bermudians in the Tourism Department are beginning to see what an OBA promise is really worth - nothing.

The PLP are very concerned that Bermudians who have worked tirelessly to promote our country and restore our economy are being callously pushed aside. What is particularly disturbing is that the do-nothing Minister of Tourism has been silent on protecting Bermudian jobs within BDOT.

We ask the following questions:

1) Are Bermudians employed in BDOT being given the opportunity to apply for posts within the Tourism Authority?

2) Of those who applied, how many have been hired?

3) Of the people who applied, how many have been unsuccessful?

4) In keeping with the OBA's promise that Bermudian civil servant jobs will be secure, where have the unsuccessful applicants been re-assigned within government?

Promises should mean something and the OBA promise to protect Bermudian civil servant jobs is one that must be kept.