*AFP photos
*AFP photos

Pharrell Williams is no stranger to interesting looks on the red carpet and last night was no different as he wore what has been dubbed as a “Bermuda Tuxedo”.

The singer/producer wore what appeared to be a tuxedo to last night’s Academy Awards. But when the camera panned down, things were a bit strange.

Williams had on a pair of black shorts, very similar to Bermuda shorts, with black dress shoes. He didn’t have on long socks so perhaps the term “Bermuda tuxedo” isn’t right.

Regardless, the Lanvin outfit prompted many news outlets to call his outfit the Bermuda Tuxedo.

In an LA Times story, the author said: “At the Oscars Sunday night, he's wearing a Lanvin shorts tuxedo. Experimental, absolutely. A little bit little boy? Perhaps.

“But obviously, Williams is ahead of the curve. The guy knows what he's doing.

“Shorts aside, the jacket, tie and tie pin are all quite striking. And you know we'll be talking about it tomorrow, next week and, well, forever.”

At last month’s Grammy’s, Williams wore a Vivian Westwood Mountie-style hat that had its own Twitter account 30 minutes into the show.