“Sen. Dunkley said areas including St David’s had experienced similar incidents in their history, adding: “It’s well-known in years gone by black people didn’t get the fair shake they deserved.” 

— RG 2011

On Wednesday, Michael Fahy rose to his feet in the Senate and delivered a blow to both our democracy and to Bermudians as a whole and declared that PRCs will be granted status.  

The OBA opted to make an announcement of such national importance on the last day before Parliament closes for the summer. How does the OBA justify this cowardly act?  

Where is the promise of transparency, accountability and collaboration — especially on an issue of this magnitude? 

Where is our oh-so-silent Premier?

Hands-off leadership

In 2007, our Mr Dunkley supported PRCs being granted status. Many believe that his public position lost the election for the UBP.  

In 2012, he was interviewed alongside then-Premier Craig Cannonier, who stated that the OBA “have not entertained” the notion of granting status to PRCs. Was this a strategic game-play based on advice given in the now infamous race-based secret report that came to light pre-election?

Now the OBA has spoken loud and clear; the message to Bermudians is that our voice is not worthy of hearing.

Missed opportunity

As an opposition UBP senator, Michael Dunkley stated that persons across the Island, including St David’s and Tucker’s Town, did not get the fair shake they deserved.  Nice words coming from a politician who seemed to care about the plight of, as he said “black people”.

Three years later, as Premier, MP Dunkley had a prime opportunity to give these same persons a fair shake by supporting the PLP Motion to address improper land dealings. Instead, he quashed any chance of justice.

Smile for the Birdie

What we have is a photo-op Premier.  However, his actions are speaking louder than his Twitter and Facebook messages.

We have yet another Premier who has mastered the role of smiling for cameras yet is unwilling to engage the Bermudian people on a number of key issues. 

I must give him credit for being a skilled politician. He oversaw the rebranding of the UBP into the OBA and patiently sat in the slips whilst former Premier Cannonier slit his own political wrists.

Mr Dunkley even sat on the OBA Executive Committee that made a resolution to prevent former OBA Chairman Thad Hollis from publically revealing which OBA Senators and MPs were involved in JetGate.

World Leader

Premier Dunkley deserves an Oscar for his ability to seamlessly provoke cute photos with Bermudian children whilst simultaneously being involved with some of the most effective dubious political actions in Bermuda’s history including:

David Copperfield-like rebranding of the UBP

• Oceans 11-like performance on JetGate cover-up

Mr Premier, my fellow Devonian, you still have an opportunity to, as you put it, “give black Bermudians a fair shake”. 

Christopher Famous won the Bermudian magazine’s Best Columnist for 2014.