MONDAY, APRIL 25: A St. George’s man today admitted owning a pitbull that attacked a child — and owning three pitbulls without a licence.

Gary Blackwell pleaded guilty to keeping a male pitbull that caused injury to a person on April 23.

He also admitted that between a date unknown and April 23 that he kept the dogs without a licence and without permission from animal protection authorities.

The court heard that police and animal protection officers attended Mr Blackwell’s Cove Valley Lane home at 5:23pm on April 23 after a report of a dog attack.

When they arrived, the officers learned a black and white mixed pitbull had attacked an eight-year-old child who didn’t have insurance.

The child was taken to the Lamb-Foggo Urgent Care Centre and then to the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for surgery.

The dogs were seized from the premises when officers realised none of them were licensed.

Addressing the court, Mr Blackwell said: “I just wanted to say to the court I’m more concerned with the child than my dog.

“It’s unfortunate that the kids were in my yard when I opened my door.”

Blackwell told the court he opened the door and the child was standing there and screamed when he saw the dog.

The dog then began to chase the child and bit him.

He said he has the dogs for protection — he has had two bikes stolen and had people trying to break in.

Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner set a sentencing date of May 9.

Mr Blackwell was granted $5,000 bail.