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The Bermuda Police Service would like to remind the boating public that the campaign: "If you know something, say something," applies as equally on the water as it does on land. Boaters and beachgoers are asked to report any suspicious or illegal activity immediately. Being mindful that Bermuda's coastline is over 60 miles long, and the police can't patrol all of it at the same time, it is important to provide as much detail as possible, and think of the following:

1. Get the boat's registration number and/or name.

2. Take careful notes of:

a) DETAILS – what happened? What did you see and hear?

b) DESCRIPTIONS – sizes, colours, make of vessel, height and weight of people involved?

c) DIRECTIONS – which way did they go? Where did they come from?

3. Consider taking photos or video with a smart phone or camera.

And remember if you know something, say something.