Last week, the Bermuda Sun and the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce hosted the island’s first ever social media summit.

It was held at the Chamber of Commerce and HSBC Harbourview room. Topics included how to turn your fans into customers, how to win at social media, social media in live events and social media for tourism.

The sessions were held last Thursday and Friday and attendees walked away with a wealth of knowledge.

Overseas speakers included Joe Romenelli of Romenelli Communications and Jackie Guzman of Tilson PR. Morgan Dewan and John Kim of Turner Broadcasting and tuned in via Skype.

The fun thing about the summit was how tuned in everyone was on social media during the sessions.

I have never been to a forum/conference where everyone was on their phone, tablet, or laptop for the majority of the talks, including some of the speakers.

It was hilarious but awesome at the same time. It was a social media summit after all.

Here are some of the awesome tweets that were sent out during the summit under the #SoMeBDA

Glenn Jones: @BermudaDotCom summit just went international! @mikaelabdasun moderating via Skype on #SoMeBDA live engagement w/ TNT & @PGA_com. 

SchereeneOuterbridge @WirelessOnARock awesome to know we’re all on the same page, sharing AND learning! #SoMeBDA @BermudaDotCom @BERMEMES@GoSocialBda @joeromanelli

Joe Romanelli @joeromanelli Dear all conference/meeting organizers. Can we please have all future meetings in Bermuda? That is all. #SoMeBDA

Love it when the crowd starts answering questions by others in the crowd. Awesome. #bermuda #SoMeBDA

Glenn Jones @BermudaDotCom

Lemme just say I’m thrilled there’s a @SoMeBDA handle in the wake of #SoMeBDA. Ultimate flattery for @BDASun. The bar has been set.

Jeremy Deacon @jeremydeacon1 Great forum today. Thank you so much #SoMeBda #bermuda

Laurel Burns @MizBurns #Hashtags are the newest form of punctuation @CliftonW21#SoMeBDA

Carly @stfucarly Really pumped from connecting with the Bermudian social media heads and international speakers. Thanks@BDASun & @BermudaDotCom #SoMeBDA

Clifton Webb @CliftonW21 @BDASun web survey....76% of Bermudians use Facebook #SoMeBda

BERMEMES @BERMEMES Ay buh! If you can’t be there for de #SoMeBDA Summit, you can