Children race to find the eggs hidden on the grounds at Camden. *Photo by Don Burgess
Children race to find the eggs hidden on the grounds at Camden. *Photo by Don Burgess

The Premier played host to about 400 preschoolers on Saturday afternoon at Camden.

His first Annual Easter Egg Hunt also saw Premier Craig Cannonier get his face painted.

The preschoolers enjoyed an afternoon at the Botanical Gardens in which there were fun castles, snacks and a variety of animals for them to look at.

The egg hunt was previously staged by Dame Jennifer Smith while she was the Premier, but it hasn’t been done in many years.

Premier Cannonier told the Bermuda Sun: “We all have a bit of kid in us. I certainly enjoy letting my youthfulness come out and it always comes out when I am around a lot of kids or the innocence of our young people. There’s a lot that we can learn from that.

“This is just an opportunity to give back to our young people – to have them come out and enjoy the grounds and enjoy time with them.

“Politicians sometimes get a bad rep as they’re working in a different world, but we are people and we enjoy working with people and interacting with people.

“This is great where we can look at our future right now.”

The Premier joked he was going to get his big kid on and lineup with the preschoolers for the start of the Easter Egg Hunt. He, along with the Easter Bunny, who made a special guest appearance at the event, served as the starters for the main event.

About 2,000 eggs were hidden on the grounds down towards South Road.

After the Easter egg hunt, the Premier had his face painted like Spiderman by Gina Thompson.