Darlene Rogers *Photo by Amanda Dale
Darlene Rogers *Photo by Amanda Dale

Campaigners are asking the public to support a protest march today — despite news that the Lamb Foggo clinic is to stay open.

Darlene Rogers, of St David’s, still wants to present a petition to the Premier.

She is upset about a lack of consultation with east end residents about plans to close the facility: “You can’t put a price on someone’s life. We really need a health centre in the east end. There are so many people living in St David’s and so many people who have moved to the east end.

“We also have the emergency housing, the old folks’ home, Clearwater Middle School and the fire department. This facility is essential to the public. And it’s very efficient — you’re in and out, and the staff treat you like part of the family. If we were to get another hurricane which cut us off at the Causeway, this could save people’s lives... And I know of people from other parts of the island who come here. One woman from Warwick told me she can see a doctor and drive home by the time it would take her to get seen by someone at the hospital.”

Mrs Rogers, a former housekeeper who is now on disability, said: “The petition has more than 3,000 signatures. Some people will come in their lunch break, but those who can’t make it, we have their support in signatures.”

The march starts at noon from the Liberty Theatre, (BIU HQ), and will finish at the House of Assembly.